How To Flash Samsung Galaxy M11 Android 10 Firmware


How to Flash Samsung Galaxy M11 – The flashing process of Android itself can be interpreted as a reinstall if applied to a computer or laptop. Flashing is commonly used to fix various problems such as the Galaxy M11 cellphone which is bootloop, forget the password, restart itself, hank, or the hardbrick. To flash M11, please read this article and download the firmware for Galaxy M11 below.


The rear camera of the Galaxy M11 is a triple camera that contains 13 MP, 5 MP ultrawide, and 2 MP depth sensor, while the front camera is 8 MP. Other specifications of this mobile phone are 6.4-inch HD+ PLS TFT screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, 2/3 GB RAM, and 32 GB storage.

How to flash Samsung Galaxy M11

Although the actual process of flashing the Galaxy M11 itself is not difficult, my friend who wants to try it must be more thorough because if one chooses the firmware it can be that your cellphone cannot be turned on again, or commonly referred to as bootloop.

For this reason, you have to be careful in choosing the firmware, pay attention to the type of cellphone owned by your friend, and adjust the firmware to be downloaded to flash. And if you try a custom ROM, then consider first the comments of people in the forum who have tried it, whether the comments are positive or even negative.

Before you do flashing the Samsung Galaxy M11, it is better to prepare the following materials for download

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy M11 with the Latest Odin

1. Enter Downloading Mode


First, you have to enter Samsung mode download, the way is:

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy M11 phone first.
  • Then press and hold the home button + power + volume down simultaneously until the download mode display appears below.
Download Mode Samsung
Download Mode Samsung
  • Then press the volume button up to enter downloading mode.

2. Flash File Fimrware / Latest ROM


After entering the downloading mode, plug in your Samsung Galaxy M11 that has entered the download mode to your PC using a USB cable. Then follow a couple of steps below:

  • Extract Odin file that you have downloaded if you haven’t and open Odin by right-clicking, then select “Run Administrator”.
  • After Odin opens, wait a while until Odin recognizes your Samsung Galaxy M11 phone. Look at the left side of Odin, if there is the word “Added” it means that your phone has been read correctly.
  • But if there is no, then most likely Samsung drivers are not installed properly or worse, you forgot to install it.
Phone is detectee by Odin
Phone is detectee by Odin
  • Extract the downloaded Samsung Galaxy M11 firmware file. Then enter the file into Odin by matching the file name with the button on the Odin application. Example:
    • Click  BL  then select the file with the BL name prefix
    • Click  AP  then select the file with the AP name prefix
    • Click  CP  then select the file with the prefix CP name
    • Click  CSC  then select the file with the CSC name prefixChoose CSC only, don’t HOME CSC.
  • Make sure the re-partition is not checked.
  • After that click Start to start the flash ROM process into the Samsung Galaxy M11.
  • Wait a minute, if everything works then there will be a message “PASS” on Odin and if it fails there is a “Failed” message. If my friend fails, then most likely the downloaded firmware file is corrupt, then try downloading again and repeat the steps as above again.
Flash process in Odin is successful
Flash process in Odin is successful

If when the flash is finished, your Samsung Galaxy M11 phone has bootloop, so try to do a factory reset in recovery mode. The first way is to open recovery mode (turn off the phone and press and hold the Home + Power + Volume button up).

Then after entering recovery mode, select Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Then restart your cellphone and wait.

An additional magnitude, for now, the flash process can only be done with a PC, to flash a version without a PC alias via sd card and TWRP, this is still not possible.


That’s the way to flashing the latest Samsung Galaxy M11 and it’s easy to do even for friends who don’t have experience in flash though. And if you have finished the flash, you can try to root Galaxy M11. See you in my next article.

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