How To Root Samsung Galaxy A20 and Install TWRP Recovery

How to Root a Samsung Galaxy A20 – Root may have become a common word for people who like to work on Android, and people who know for sure already understand that the Samsung Galaxy A20 root process must be with a PC, it can’t be done without PC. Therefore, this time I have prepared a file to download below to make your Samsung Galaxy A20 root process successful.

The Galaxy A20 is the 2019 generation of Samsung’s “A” series, the “A” series is targeted to be a semi flagship variant of Samsung devices, while the “J” series is targetted for low budget phone and the “S” or “Note” series intended for the highend class.

How to root Samsung Galaxy A20

The rear camera of the Galaxy A20 is single camera which contain 13 MP f/1.9 PDAF wide, while the front camera is subpar 5 MP f/2.0 without LED Flash. Other specifications of this mobile phone are 6.2 inch HD+ Super AMOLED screen, Exynos 7884, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage.

Note : This method will delete all the data on your cellphone, so I recommend to backup the important data first to your internal memory. Keep in mind also that this root method will eliminate your cellphone warranty.

How to Install TWRP on Samsung Galaxy A20

Before installing TWRP on Samsung Galaxy A20, there are several requirements that must be met first such as:

After all the requirements and files have been downloaded, it’s time to follow the steps below:

STEP 1.  Extract Samsung Root A and TWRP Samsung Galaxy A20 Root Tool files (2018) then open Odin as shown below.

Odin display
Odin display

STEP 2.  Activate OEM Unlock and USB Debugging, but first you have to activate developer options mode first. The trick is quite easy, which is to open Settings> About Phone, then press seven times Build Number (Name Formed in Indonesian) until there is a small notification that contains the developer option is active.

Then you go back to the main menu Settings and look for Developer options, if you find it, open Developers options and activate OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging.

STEP 3.  The next step is to enter Download Mode by first turning off your Samsung Galaxy A20 phone then press and hold the power button and the volume down simultaneously until the download mode appears as shown below. After that, press the volume up to start entering Download mode.

Download Mode Samsung
Download Mode Samsung

STEP 4. Connect your Samsung Galaxy A20 to the PC and wait for Odin to recognize your cellphone, there will be an “Added” as shown below if the phone is detected. But if it hasn’t been detected, try waiting a little longer or check the cable that you are using or try another USB port on your PC.

But if you are sure the cable is functioning properly, the problem might occur due to the driver, try to reinstall the driver that I have provided in the Samsung Root Tool file.

STEP 5. If you are sure the cellphone is detected, click AP on Odin and look for the TWRP file that has been downloaded and extract it earlier.

STEP 6. Make sure the Re-partition and Auto Reboot sections are NOT checked in Odin.

Don't check Re-Partition and Auto Reboot
Don’t check Re-Partition and Auto Reboot

STEP 7. If you are sure of all of the above, click Start to start the TWRP file flash process into your Samsung Galaxy A20. Wait until Odin displays the PASS notification! which indicates that the TWRP file installation process is complete.

  • If Odin stops at the “setup connection” point, you must do this from the beginning again.
  • If Odin displays “FAIL”, then it is possible that your TWRP file is damaged, try downloading it again then flash again.
Flash process in Odin is successful
Flash process in Odin is successful

Congratulations, your Samsung Galaxy A20 (208) has been successfully installed TWRP, but this process is still not complete, please read the continuation below.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A20

I assume that the TWRP installation process has been successful and you are still in Download Mode. The next step is to start the Samsung Galaxy A20, please follow the method below.

STEP 1. The next step is to enter Recovery mode from the current download mode. The method is peer and hold the Volume key down and Power simultaneously until the phone screen turns off, then quickly release the Volume down and change the Volume up while still holding the Power button. Wait until TWRP appears.

STEP 2. When you first enter TWRP, you may be required to enter a password, if you have never previously given a password to the cellphone, then just press Cancel.

STEP 3. On the TWRP home page, select the “Keep Read Only” button.

STEP 4. Now you should already be in the TWRP start menu, then we will format your Samsung Galaxy A20 storage.

Data Format Process
Data Format Process
  • Select the Wipe menu then select Data Format.
  • Type yes to start your storage format process, it aims to prevent RMM Lock on the Galaxy A20.

STEP 5. When finished, reboot the phone back to TWRP by selecting the Reboot menu then selecting Recovery.

STEP 6. Connect your Samsung Galaxy A20 to the PC, then on the TWRP menu select Mount> Enable MTP. Your cellphone should have been detected by a PC.

STEP 7. Copy the Noverity, RMM Bypass and Magisk files into the cellphone, if it’s finished you can disconnect the USB cable that connects the cellphone to the PC.

STEP 8. Return to the TWRP menu, select Install then select the Noverity file and select Swipe to confirm Flash, do the same for the RMM Bypass and Magisk files. Make sure that the RMM Bypass file is last flashed.

Flash file process in TWRP
Flash file process in TWRP

If everything is complete, select Reboot on the TWRP menu then select System. This reboot process is usually a bit longer than usual, so it’s quite a bit patient. See you later at

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